Organic vs Paid: What Should You Do?

“I’m putting out great content consistently but getting hardly any follower growth/engagement/sales.”

It’s a statement we hear from so many business owners and marketing managers we speak to.

Due to changes in platform algorithms, along with the sheer volume of content we are bombarded with every day across various social media platforms, less than 2% of your audience will now see the content you’re posting organically.

Yes- you can still “go viral” with organic content. But it takes considerable time and marketing expertise to come up with something that will do that. Something many business owners simply don’t have in abundance when trying to maintain normal day-to-day operations.

Stop chasing that unicorn and focus on ruthless execution of the basics. Whether you like it or not, you have to pay to play on social now.

“But I don’t have the budget for that.”

This is fear talking.

Done correctly, paid social ads can get people to your site for pennies. Yes- literally 1p.

Reach down the back of the sofa. You’re probably sat on a few hundred potential customers.

So we’ve found you a budget. What about the marketing?

You love your product. It’s only natural to try and show it off to everyone, right?


When budgets are tight, trying to do a “cast-the-net” campaign is the fastest way to burn money.

You know your core audience better than anyone else. You know how old they are and where they live and what they like to do. Laser target them to make your audience as small and as relevant as humanly possible.

Start slow and build your captive audience. Then reinvest into widening that net and developing a consistent customer funnel.

Yes- a larger budget will allow you to drive your message out to the masses much faster. It will also give you the flexibility to continuously split-test techniques and audiences to find out what works for you.

But utilise what you have right now. Paid social works and you WILL get there.

This is not to say you should write off organic completely. It’s still a vital part of any marketing strategy. But you need to be focusing on quality over quantity.

If you’re looking to hire someone to do this for your business, be wary of freelancers/agencies who offer you things like “5 posts a day on each platform”.

Last year, Buffer partnered with Buzzsumo to analyze more than 43 million posts from the top 20,000 brands on Facebook in one of the largest studies of 2018. The results speak for themselves:

Posting for the sake of posting may look like you’re busy and active on social- but when you’re consistently getting minimal engagement because your content simply isn’t relevant, it’s probably doing considerably more long term damage to your brand authority.

Be selective about what you post and when you post it. Focus on adding value and the revenue will soon follow.


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