Want To Make More Sales? Stop Selling!

Want To Make More Sales? Stop Selling!

If you’ve clicked on that headline and gotten this far, you’re either a curious and open-minded soul, or probably just thinking: “This guy is on crack. Let’s see what other cryptic nonsense he’s spouting”.

Well the crack wore off at midday and it’s true.

Everybody wants to buy; nobody wants to be sold to. As marketing has evolved over time, consumers have become cold and indifferent to direct marketing. They can spot it a mile off and more often than not, avoid it like the plague.

The reason for this is a combination of factors:

Ads are annoying as fuck
How many times have you been sat watching an amazing film or driving along listening to your favourite playlist and then BOOM…. all enjoyment disappears as you suffer through 3 minutes of Kevin Bacon’s annoying little face going on about how much data he has.

It isn’t relevant to them
Unbelievably, even with all the incredible software available, some businesses still aren’t effectively targeting their ideal audiences. I’m currently sat looking at a sponsored ad for a Funeral Planning service. This is either horrible demographic targeting, or these guys know something I don’t…

They don’t trust you
You’re a salesman. The online equivalent of Danny DeVito in Matilda. Of course you’re going to tell everyone your product or service is the best thing since sliced bread. People aren’t stupid.

Ok- so what’s the solution then?

Look- the key to any form of modern marketing is to make your audience feel something. If you can tell a story that excites, delights or even angers your audience, the likelihood that they will share that story skyrockets.

And if that story just happens to address an issue that’s important to them, or solves a problem they personally have, chances are you just landed yourself a brand advocate.

Not only that, but this kind of marketing is perhaps THE most effective in the industry. Word-of-mouth marketing leverages the trust consumers have in their own friends/family to help break down the barriers to purchase for your product or service. Oh- and it costs you the square root of zero.

Next time you’re creating content or ads for your business, give the above technique a try. Show your customers you give a shit about something. You might just find they start giving more of a shit about you.