The Challenge

This construction company was VERY new to the digital world. They knew there was a huge opportunity but didn't know where to start. After we had set up their accounts and tracking correctly, we got to work. This company constructs large scale steel buildings costing from £20k-£250k which meant that their market was fairly niche, so we had to be smart with our targeting to avoid the tyre kickers who couldn't afford the service.

The Solution

We launched native lead forms on Meta combined with multiple pre-qualifier questions to determine whether each lead was a good fit for the business. These were continuously tweaked to keep the quality high. We also supplemented this with a range of highly targeted Search & PMax campaigns on Google to mop up the high intent traffic on there.

We tracked a range of contact methods including calls, emails or online quotes to confirm which route produced the highest quality leads, and doubled down on that month on month. After a slow start in Month 1 whilst we filled the pixels and tested creative/copy variants, we saw huge spikes in Month 2 and the quality started to improve massively.

The client has so far closed over £200k in revenue to date with another £500k in pipeline value. Now that's a pretty good return on ad spend for 3 months.