The Challenge

We've been working with this luxury footwear brand for over 3 years. They produce handmade, stylish shoes for women with problem feet. The goal has always been to take significant market share in the UK before expanding aggressively into Europe & USA.

As the margins are tighter with the nature of this product, it's crucial for us to secure new customers at a profitable CPA, as we already know their LTV is strong for the brand.

The Solution

Over the last 12 months we've been scaling budgets periodically, which has allowed us to test a range of campaign types, creatives & messaging to see what resonates best with their target market. We found that UGC and founder stories have performed exceptionally well, so have doubled down on this across the account.

This brand provides us with exceptional studio and lifestyle creative which we've used across both PMax (Google) and also Advantage+ (Meta) to scale their reach throughout the year.

From Sept 22-Sept 23, we've turned a £61k Google spend into £499k, and a £43k Meta spend into £444k in revenue. But more importantly, the nCPA is at £21 and the blended CPA is at £16, which means they are acquiring new customers at a profitable margin.