The Challenge

This US-based furniture company came to us after having a bad experience with a previous agency who couldn't seem to help them scale past their next revenue plateau. The account structure was very muddled and there was no defined funnel set up within either Meta or Pinterest. The ad copy was stale and it needed a refresh to engage their target market of luxury buyers. Thankfully, the brand had a bank of brilliant creative, but it just wasn't being utilised in the right way to get the best results.

The Solution

As an already established brand doing 8 figure revenues, we knew we could really hit the ground running here. After restructuring the account, creative & messaging, we implemented our new strategy. The first month returned over $700k on a $36k spend on Pinterest, and over $1.2m from a $65k spend on Meta.

Throughout the year we've scaled and shrunk the ad spend periodically to match seasonality. This brand has a great LTV so we've been able to focus mainly on acquiring new customers and expanding the reach of the brand at a very solid blended nCPA of $95. Considering the AOV is close to $1000, we're in a very good place to continue scaling these throughout 2023/24 and beyond.