The Challenge

This brand came to us as they were unhappy with the results they were getting from their current agency. No hard feelings, it happens sometimes. Our goal was to help breathe new life into their campaigns with a huge focus on getting new customers through the door and improving their overall LTV. The brand has been established for over 10 years and had some incredible content that we knew would absolutely smash it with the right strategy. So we got to work.

The Solution

We set up a clear funnel structure using scroll stopping content to grab attention and showcase their incredible products. Being a luxury brand, we knew we'd have to work hard to get people to part with an AOV of £150, so we incorporated some mid-funnel authority content showcasing the rich history of the brand and told the story of the family behind the business. This worked a treat and we were soon pulling in a very healthy 10x and had driven their CPA down by over 30%.