Personal branding is all the rage right now on LinkedIn. And for good reason. Because, when done correctly, it can skyrocket your business and unleash a Pandora’s Box of press features, podcast & speaker requests, investment opportunities, new jobs, and (most importantly) a steady flow of INBOUND leads.

But unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the ability to take their thoughts and craft them into engaging stories that entertain, inspire & educate their prospective customers. Luckily for you, that’s exactly what we do here.

Unlike a lot of other personal branding folks, we DON’T:

  • Jump on shit trends that aren’t relevant to your business
  • Use engagement pods that fill your audience with irrelevant imbeciles
  • Force you to take selfies laughing into the middle distance like a maniac

Our team have built some of the most memorable and most profitable personal brands on LinkedIn, so we know exactly what it takes to make you stand out online. We also measure the metrics that actually matter

Spoiler: Getting thousands of views in Delhi doesn't mean a thing if you sell washing machines in Doncaster


This service is not a quick fix. Reputations aren’t built overnight. It also requires a commitment from you to actually engage with the people we’re pulling into your world with our knicker-twistingly epic content.

If you don’t have 20-30mins a day to commit to doing that, just don’t bother starting. Because it won’t work for you.

For those that are serious about building a stand-out personal brand on LinkedIn, get in touch to see our range of packages.