Let’s address the elephant in the room.

No, I am not sponsored. Let it be known that I’m aware LinkedIn is full of middle-aged men announcing their seventh side hustle, slimy creeps sending women heart emojis, and dire motivational quotes aplenty. Still, for all of its thorns, LinkedIn is a rose. If you prune it with care, and you spend time developing your profile, you’ll bloom in steady success. Students, executive directors and unemployed folk alike can benefit from its beauty.

Let me break down some of the unique opportunities that LinkedIn can present to you. I'll back it up with my own personal experience. 👇

Firstly, Who Am I?

No, I am not LinkedIn’s CEO undercover. I’m a 22-year-old girl from Yorkshire who started posting to try and find marketing clients. I am fantastic, but I’m not anybody exciting which is why my advice could help anyone.

What Is LinkedIn Designed To Achieve?

LinkedIn is an online networking platform. It’s supposed to give you the means to find and advertise jobs within your industry. You ‘connect’ with like-minded people who share similar interests to you. Then you can comment on their posts or send them direct messages. It’s like a Facebook for businessmen in short, but don’t mention that to anybody. It’s a touchy subject.

Why is LinkedIn Always Worthwhile?

OK, so you aren’t looking for work and you’ve already got plenty of friends to discuss your hobbies with. Fantastic. Why would you post on LinkedIn then?

There are some unexpected, impressive benefits to LinkedIn that aren’t advertised outside the platform. Except now they’re going to be because I’m listing them below.

This is the part where I drop all of the facts so listen up!

Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile Can:

  • Directly find you some customers. If you routinely post about your product or service and it fills a genuine need, you can direct connections to your website or they’ll enquire through DMs.

  • Secure your next job. Sure, you aren’t looking for work now, but you may want to switch careers in the future!

  • Build brand awareness. As you invest in relationships by messaging and commenting with people down your feed, they’ll associate your business with your personality.

  • Provide excellent entertainment. Social media is designed to be fun to scroll, and LinkedIn is no different. You simply need to follow other accounts wisely, or your feed will fill with junk.

  • Give you a sounding board for new ideas. With LinkedIn, you’ll have a ready-made professional community to get advice and support from as you progress your career.

  • Develop your writing capability. Posting regularly requires you to narrate your life. Articulating your successes and challenges can’t help but improve your communication skills.

What Are The Pitfalls of LinkedIn?

I told you I wasn’t sponsored.

Here Are The Stinky Tidbits To Note:

  • Some LinkedIn users will not like you. If you’re voicing your opinion and your experience regularly, somebody is bound to disagree with you at least once.

  • Lots of businesses monitor LinkedIn usage. Check whether your employer has a social media policy in place. Still, remember that LinkedIn can help you find new work if necessary. 😉

  • You will get spammy sales messages. Many accounts leap at the chance of pushing sales on LinkedIn, but the block button exists for a reason.

  • If you’re female, you’ll likely receive a marriage proposal or two. Perhaps this isn’t a complete drawback to you, but it’s definitely worth noting.

  • The process is time-consuming. Optimising your profile, regularly posting, and actively engaging with your community will take hours out of your week.

My Personal Experience With LinkedIn:

You may be wondering what on earth qualifies me to make all these points about the usefulness of LinkedIn. Unfortunately, I do not have a certificate to flaunt at you, and I haven’t secured a multimillion-pound condo from the platform either.

But I have achieved a lot that I can attribute to my posts!

In The Past Year, Because Of LinkedIn:

  • I’ve amassed a community of over 12,000 followers. I know that isn’t Kim Kardashian’s Insta-level numbers, but it would be a lot of people sitting in a room at one time.

  • I’ve made lifelong friends who I’ve met in real life, including a trip to Ireland for the first time.

  • I’ve started an exciting new job without applying on a job site or sending a CV. My greatest achievements and my work experience are already on my profile, so what does that piece of paper do?

  • I’ve found and converted six marketing clients and counting, one worth more than £10k. All from setting aside a little time to post every day.

  • I’ve tripled my confidence. Posting and interacting with strangers has heightened my already-extroverted personality. I’ve never been more aware of what I can achieve.

So, Is LinkedIn Worth It?

I’d bloody well say so. If you aren’t active there already, you’re missing a trick. I’ve only briefly covered what the platform could equip you to achieve! When you’re ready to make the most of LinkedIn, consider booking training with Lightbulb Media or messaging my profile for more support.